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We are major dealers for virtually all the top P.A., recording & musical instrumant brands. There is essentially no product unavailable to us. The selection represents a small but much requested series of products. The full range is available up on request

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Classified items
main brands
- PA   - Peavey - Rode
- DJ equipment   - Yamaha - Crest
- Effects and processors   - Gibson - Stagg
- Amplification   - Fender - Akai
- Microphones, stands and accessories   - Tascam - B&C
- Studio and stage gear   - Stanton - PD
- Guitars, basses, violins   - Shure - Proel
- brass, wood and flutes   - Numark
- strings: electric , acoustic , nylon , bass , others   - Behringer
- Leads, plugs and accessories   - Audio Technica
- Spare parts   - Alesis
- Drums and percussions   - QSC
- Keyboards and pianos   - HZ International
    *new product lines to be added shortly

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